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Great album! Very moving and delicate music. Even those not particularly into Jazz music should love this.”

The latest album from Søren Bebe Trio comes in a beautiful 4-page digifile cover with artwork by Aleksandar & Dragana Veselić.
Digital download available as both regular mp3 and HD 24bit/96khz wave download immediately after purchase.

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Søren Bebe Piano
Kasper Tagel Bass
Anders Mogensen Drums

Recorded January 2019 by Thomas Vang at The Village Recording
Mixed and mastered by John Fomsgaard at Karmacrew

Produced by Søren Bebe

Artwork by Aleksandar & Dragana Veselić

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39 reviews for Søren Bebe Trio | Echoes | CD + digital download (mp3 + FLAC + 24/96 Wave)

  1. Peter Mallett

    It is wonderful. It is perfectly beautiful.

  2. Gary Salamone

    Another excellent album from Soren. It continues in his tradition of brilliant relaxing jazz compositions. I highly recommend Echoes as an addition to your music collection.

  3. George Gall (verified owner)

    Fabulous music!

  4. Susan Buchanan

    Beautiful calming chilled jazz with a classical edge. Loving it!

  5. Boris Kovač

    Tender, emotional, joy-full…Soren is for me a new name but already found an unique space amongst the other great Scandinavian piano players like Svennson, Gustavsen etc..

  6. Stevie G.

    Excellent sophisticated music to relax to.

  7. Stanisław (verified owner)

    Tak, bardzo delikatna i wyrafinowana muzyka, pełna pozytywnych emocji, specjalnych wibracji, “miód na uszy”

  8. Massimo

    Soul touching, uplifting, tremendously relaxing quality jazz. Great.

  9. Symon Ball (verified owner)

    Found Soren Bebe by way an advertisement on Facebook & decided to buy a couple of CD’s.
    Really love every song !!
    Downloaded the songs whilst waiting for the CDs to arrive playing them every day in the car !!!
    Very professional website, excellent easy to use & navigate

  10. Jurjo (verified owner)

    A very delicate Danish trio creating and performing jazz music that touches the heart; with an enormous sensitivity, without being distracted by arrangements or details that are not essential to create a climate of nostalgia that keeps the attention and invites to imagine and dream. Brilliant and highly recommended album

  11. Hans Timmer (verified owner)

    Great album!

  12. Andreas Schwarzer (verified owner)

    Great album! Want to buy the other CD’s.

  13. Adrian Noble (verified owner)

    Great! I don’t skip a single track.

  14. Jazz KG

    Now I have listen to Echoes for several days. The only reason I didn’t bought “Home” is that I already have it in my collection 🙂
    Echoes is very cool jazz, at first, playing on a low level, it was beautifully relaxing and made me almost fall asleep (in a good way!). Turning up the volume made it stand out as both unique and interesting. Can’t stop myself from thinking about Esbjörn and Jan, but your way of playing is not some kind of copy, you treat the piano like the percussion instrument it is and I love it. Your fellow musicians does a good work and you let them shine (like in “Alba” and “New Beginning”), great. Hope you will come to Fasching some night!
    Last, but not least, the recording itself is way better than many modern recordings are nowadays. Kudos!

    Right now I play the music over my Carlsson OA52.2 speakers driven by 2x300B by Erik Andersson and I am very happy someone produces music at this level.

  15. Luca Miti (verified owner)

    Great CD, really. It’s what I call “solemn jazz”, or “choral jazz” (well, these are just my definitions…), this kind of quiet playing.
    Scores are available?

  16. Stanislav (verified owner)


  17. Gonçalo Cunha (verified owner)

    Contemporary Jazz at its best. Ideal after a hard day’s work. Relaxin’ with the Søren Bebe Trio! 🙂

  18. Francois St-Jacques (verified owner)

    Outstanding album and great recording. I can listen to it all day without getting bored.

  19. Roger Miller

    I recently received my copy of this magnificent album. It is extremely well composed and performed and the compositions are beautiful. It asks extremely well recorded. On my system, it sounds like the stand up bass is in my room.

  20. Mikael Anckarman (verified owner)

    Very beautiful and lyrical!
    You are INCREDIBLE!

  21. Knut Westad (verified owner)

    Thanks a lot, Søren for your free promo CD. What a great record! I really, really enjoyed it. Sometimes moved me to tears. Spacing/timeing between accords does matter (to me that is) and you are a champ. And kudos to yout band mates also!. Now I`m looking forward to get vinyl issues of your recordings as vinyl is my preferred medium.

  22. Venetis George (verified owner)

    ecxelent work ! wonterful !

  23. Sylvain Bélisle (verified owner)

    Une musique pour l’âme et l’esprit!
    Soren Bebe , serviteur du ciel! 🎶🙏🏼😊

  24. Mikael Stenberg (verified owner)

    Fantastic music. Very sensitive.
    Great album i can really recommend it.

  25. Jouni Nikula (verified owner)

    I love this kind of music, peaceful and somehow calming. I have found the so called Nordic jazz in recent years, like Tord Gustavsen Quartet and Einar Scheving from Iceland. For some reason they are not so easy to find in the Finnish music shops, so I am happy to have found your web site.

  26. Johannes Schürmeyer (verified owner)

    Very peaceful music in a world that needs just that. I really enjoy it, thank you!

  27. Nuno Simão (verified owner)

    What a great album! Wonderful music . I can listen to it all day. Amazing!

  28. GEORGE PANAGIOTOPOULOS (verified owner)


  29. Rui Alegria (verified owner)

    One of the best albums i bought this year! Soren is an amazing player/composer/musitian and the sound and recording quality is stunning!!!

  30. Paul Socolow (verified owner)

    Excellent CD. Beautiful compositions performed with great sensetivity and finesse. Unlike much “jazz”, there are no superfluous displays of virtuosity, though all the musicians are clearly first-class. Highly recommended.

  31. Fabrizio Bricchi (verified owner)

    A real discovery for me. Sweetness, elegance and technique for a very pleasant cool jazz album.

  32. Liam (verified owner)

    Incredible album, everything is perfect and the sound quality is superb. In loop since I bought it! Very recommended.

  33. Vincenzo (verified owner)

    Una vera sorpresa, una musica calda e avvolgente, un pianoforte presente accompagnato da una ritmica di alta classe. Più lo ascolto e più scopro nuove sfumature.
    Un bel trio, la musica che adoro.

  34. Yvon Martineau (verified owner)

    I received my copy of the Echoes album 💿 a couple of days ago, and it’s so good that it plays on repeat mode several hours a day.

    Important to mention, the high quality recording that provides an impeccable listening experience.

    I didn’t hesitate to order the new album release Here Now.

  35. Maras (verified owner)

    Thank you for your music, for sending me your CD, I love that kind of music. I’m an architect and after work I love to spend me free time during painting or drawing and your music – it inspires me and it gives me so much hope, relax , joy and many very positive feelings.
    Thanx a lot.

  36. David Garvey (verified owner)

    “Echoes” is a very good album – and it arrived in no time at all after ordering – excellent service.

  37. Frederic Vanderstichelen (verified owner)

    Thank you Søren Bebe Music . Great music, relaxing ambiance. Can also be listened while working: perfect ! Excellent recording quality. Love it.

  38. Graham

    This is an excellent album, thoroughly recommended. Love it!

  39. donato (verified owner)

    musica bellissima , ricercata, raffinata, di gran classe

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