Sheet music for the album “Eva” by Søren Bebe Trio (PDF)

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Sheet music for the album “Eva – featuring Marc Johnson” by Søren Bebe Trio.

11 lead sheets with chords available as PDF download immediately after purchase.

Scroll down to see song list and listen to the album.

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Songs included:

1. Freshman (Anders Mogensen)
2. For L.R.P. (Anders Mogensen)
3. Heading North (Søren Bebe)
4. Luft/Air (Søren Bebe)
5. Flying High (Søren Bebe)
6. Dragging (Søren Bebe)
7. Sne/Snow (Søren Bebe)
8. One Man Band (Søren Bebe)
9. Eva (Søren Bebe)
10. Change (Søren Bebe)
11. Good Times (Søren Bebe)

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