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The publicity is now out for Soren Bebe Trio’s first Italian concert in Trieste on 11 June. As part of the eighth annual ‘New Routes of Jazz’ festival, the Trio will be performing at the Auditorium Museo Revoltella from 20.30. You might also like to know that entrance to the gig is free, which is a nice little bonus in these difficult times.














Accompanying the concert’s publicity – which you can see here – is a new photograph of the Trio, taken during a break in one of the band’s recent Copenhagen rehearsals by Ditte Rønn Poulsen. Bass player Kasper Tagel is on the left, Søren’s in the centre, and drummer Anders Mogensen is on the right.















“I can’t wait” says an excited Søren. “I’ve been wanting to perform in Italy for so long. The Italian jazz scene is probably one of the strongest anywhere in the world at the moment, so this is a really great time to be doing our first gig there.”

And, in another piece of news, Søren Bebe Trio has been approached by a new jazz promotion agency, Jazzpresso, based in the Netherlands. The company is hoping to organize a Trio tour of Holland and Belgium over the coming months, and is currently featuring the Søren Bebe Trio album Eva on its corporate website. We’ll let you know when the tour is confirmed.

Date posted: 22 May 2015

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