Out of the bunker

Some of you may have noticed an intriguing post on Søren’s Facebook page last Saturday (6 June) about Søren Bebe Trio’s music being used for a TV thriller called ‘Bunker’. It’s an Italian web-based series of 13 episodes, created by and starring Vittorio Gazzera, that centre around a deadly pandemic and a man locked inside a bunker.

The two SBT tracks used in the series are both from the Trio’s most recent album, Eva (featuring Marc Johnson): Change, and One Man Band. ‘Bunker’ has already earned this year’s Rome Web Awards for, among other things, best thriller cinematography, and has now been nominated for best music/score at Miami Web Fest 2015.


“Vittorio emailed me out of the blue last autumn” explains Søren. “I think he’d heard Change and One Band Man on SoundCloud, and asked whether he could include them in his new web series. I was happy to say yes and, now that I’ve seen a couple of the episodes, they seem to work rather well in the programme.”

“There’s some other, pretty cool music in ‘Bunker’ too” Søren adds. “But don’t ask me to comment on the film itself – all the dialogue is in Italian!”

And, while we’re on the subject of Italy, a quick reminder that SBT will be performing its first-ever Italian concert in Trieste this Thursday (11 June) as part of the ‘New Routes of Jazz’ festival. You can find the details here.








Date posted: 8 June 2015



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