soren bebe trio sheet music

Before and after 😊

I spend some time yesterday updating the sheet music for our coming “singles compilation” album FIRST SONG. 

Below it’s the sheet music for our latest single, EVENING SONG, that hopefully now is a bit easier to read and play 😊 I’ve send it out as a free gift to everyone on my newsletter. If you would like to join and get regular updates on music, concerts and more, there’s several links here on my website or you can simply sign up HERE.

When I’m done with all the songs the complete score will be available here on my website like the rest of the albums.

The coming album, FIRST SONG, is a compilation album of all our single songs that we released during the last 8 years as singles only for streaming. 10 singles total including 4 brand new songs that we recorded during our latest recording session that ended up with the HERE NOW album. 

You can listen to EVENING SONG on all streaming platforms here:

Thank you so much for your amazing support! ❤️


handwritten sheet music for evening song by søren bebe
sheet music for the song Evening Song by Søren Bebe written on Sibelius

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