Søren Bebe Trio | From Out Here | Digital Album (mp3 + 16-bit Wave)

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Artwork by Maiken Ingvordsen.

“One of the most fantastic jazz albums of recent years. Captures a tone of Scandinavian melancholy that is deeply moving.
Simply sublime! Nothing less than a masterpiece!”

After the trio-debut from 2008, Søren Bebe is back with Niels Ryde and Anders Mogensen at his side – “From Out Here” is a quiet and melancholic album, but with lots of temper and bite.

Søren Bebe (piano) // Niels Ryde (bass) // Anders Mogensen (drums)


“The inspiration from pianist Keith Jarret is certainly there, but Bebe clearly has his own style”

For pianist Søren Bebe, interplay and communication comes first. So it was a
given, when he joined his trio in 2006, that the drummer would be Anders
Mogensen. Mogensen has been a returning play-mate since Bebe’s studies at
the conservatory in Aarhus, where Mogensen taught. In 2006, Bebe met Niels
Ryde at «Summersession» at Vallekilde Højskole, and a band was born.

Opposites attract, the old saying goes. “I’ve always felt, that as a bandleader,
you should try to use the musicians full potentials, and give them the freedom
to be creative. The music should be personal, and everyone should be equally
important” Bebe says. This democratic approach gives life and bite to the
album, where Bebes nordic, melodic tones and tastefull voicings meets
Mogensens rhythmically strong and almost teasing drumming. Everything is
held together by Rydes soft and full bass. The past 3 years has brought the trio
a long line of concerts and even a tv-performance. Hence, it’s a strong triosound
that meets the listener on From Out Here.

The compositions are mainly by Bebe, but Mogensen and Ryde also contribute.
Bebes sources of inspiration, a.o. Charlie Haden and Keith Jarrett, shines
through in both his playing and his compositions, but with the strong
overweight of a personal sound, which makes the listener feel, at the same
time in safe hands, but still challenged and drawn.
Søren Bebe graduated from the solo-class at the conservatory in Aarhus, and
the past years he hass released albums with a.o. Christian Frank Quartet and
the singer Ditte Rønn-Poulsen. Niels Ryde has workes with a.o. Lew Soloff, Ben
Monder and his own group. Anders Mogensen is known from countless sessions
on the international and Danish jazz-scene, and has worked with a.o. Jakob
Anderskov, The Doky Brothers, Django Bates and Marc Johnson.

Søren Bebe (piano) // Niels Ryde (bass) // Anders Mogensen (drums)

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