No news is good news

It may have been three months since the last news story appeared here, but that doesn’t mean Søren hasn’t been busy. Quite the opposite, in fact.

“I came back from my mini-tour of western Canada with Sarah Hagen in February and just felt worn out” confesses Søren. “Don’t get me wrong, though. Sarah and I had an amazing time with our ‘Jazsical’ project. We played six lovely concerts in eight days, all of them to packed or sold-out houses. The audiences were so warm, we chatted between tunes, and I made a lot of new friends.”


sarah hagen_soren bebe_duet

“Yet I was very glad to get back home to Copenhagen. The urge to compose was getting stronger and stronger, and I knew I needed take a little break from performing and promotion. So that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.”

The material that Søren’s been writing is primarily his ballet and contemporary dance music. “It’s an area that’s really taken off in recent months” he says. “So I decided it was time to put together a second album of these songs, given that the first release dates back to 2013. And, because they’re typically very short pieces, that meant composing between 30 and 40 tunes. Hence my low profile!”


Søren’s new album of ballet music will be out in June, and he’s actually recording it this week. It will be available initially as a download and for streaming, and a CD might follow later. He’s also published the sheet music for many of his dance compositions which, he cheerfully adds, “is selling like crazy”. At the same time, Søren’s ballet and dance music YouTube channel has attracted over 3,000 subscribers, and looks certain soon to achieve the ‘holy grail’ of YouTubers – 1,000,000 total plays.

Steady progress is also being made on another new project: the release this autumn of Søren Bebe Trio’s fifth album. “We’re doing the artwork right now, and I’ll soon be sending the tapes back to the famous Rainbow Studio in Oslo, where we mixed the tracks, for mastering. The album will have 11 original songs, which leaves six in reserve that I’m thinking of releasing in dribs and drabs to my Bandcamp VIPs.”


Søren’s performing schedule will also start to pick up again soon. “There are quite a few Danish gigs coming up, and I’ve got two German dates with the Trio in June at venues in Berlin and Hamburg. We might pop up in some other very well-known western European locations as well” he adds.

So no news is good news for Søren? “Yes, it certainly is. I feel refreshed, reinvigorated and I’m ready to roll!”

Date posted: 31 May 2016

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