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September 2012
Have had the time of my life the past two days having recorded 16 new songs here at Sear Sound Studio in New York together with Marc Johnson and Anders Mogensen, assisted by the great James Farber behind the mixer. I couldn’t be more happy with the result. Hope to be able to share some of it with you all soon! Take care out there and thank you all so much for your support! Soren.

August 2012
Our new album “A Song For You” will be released in DK this week. We’ll celebrate this on Thursday, August 16th, with live music and wine here: Metronomen, Godthåbsvej 33, 2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark. Hope to see you ALL there 🙂
Get FREE downloads here: http://sorenbebetrio.bandcamp.com/

June 2012
Just received the first couple of excellent reviews from Japan.

May 2012
Just confirmed recording dates in NY with Mr. Marc Johnson for the next Søren Bebe Trio album. I’m very happy and looking extremenly much forward to this collaboration.

April 2012
Our new trio CD is released today in Japan on “Spice of Life”.
Check it out: http://spiceoflife.shop-pro.jp/

December 2011
Writing music for our next trio album. we’ll be recording in the second weekend of January 2012 in the great The Village Studio


September 2011
On tour with RØST in China and Korea for 2 weeks.
Also our new homepage is up and running in danish, english and chinese.
Check it out here www.roestmusic.comwww.roestmusic.com
Just released our new album with RØST “Drømte mig en drøm”.
Available now as Digipack CD or download at Bandcamp

June 2011
Just got back from Rabat, Morocco, where Soren Bebe Trio played the beautiful Jazz au Chellah festival together with Faiz Lamouri on sax.

May 2011

Søren Bebe Trio is touring Denmark these days with special guest Bill McHenry.

March 2011

Søren Bebe Trio are in Austin, Texas playing at the SxSW festival!

Feb 2011

Just got back from a great tour in Sao Paulo, Brasil. I’ve posted some live video clips from the concerts at YouTube.

Dec 7th 2010

Looking forward to an exciting 2011 which will include a.o.:

– Jan 28th-30th: Søren Bebe Trio performing in Sao Paulo, Brazil
– May: Søren Bebe Trio, tour in Denmark with Bill McHenry (US)
– June 15th-19th: Søren Bebe Trio performs at Jazz au Chellah, Rabat, Morocco.

October 29th 2010

Søren Bebe Trio is featured in the October issue of Scopemagazine.com. Read it here

September 17th 2010

RØST has got a chinese MySpace now – click here.

September 13th 2010

Landed in Shanghai this morning. What a fantastic city!
Looking very much forward to be playing concerts here and in Beijing for the next 10 days. Please check out RØST at myspace for more details about this group – RØST!

June 14th 2010

RØST (Søren Bebe & Ditte Rønn) is a part of the official EXPO 2010 program and playing in Shanghai on the 15th of september 2010.

March 19th 2010

5 star review of “From Out Here” in Danish music magazine GAFFA:

“A near masterpiece from Danish jazz musicians with a real feel for Scandinavian melancholy…one of the most fantastic jazz albums of recent years….What they have produced is simply sublime! Nothing less than a masterpiece! …The musicians so obviously know the meaning of the music and capture a tone of Scandinavian melancholy that is deeply moving… From Out Here is all set to be one of the best Danish jazz albums this year.”

February 2nd 2010
Nice review in “All About Jazz”

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