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First Danish review “I can’t get enough of Bebe’s wonderful music.”

A HUGE thank you to Niels Overgård from for the wonderful review of our new album ‘Here Now’.

Here’s a link to the review (in Danish) and English translation is below.

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REVIEW (English translation):

When I bought Keith Jarrett’s Standards Live in the late eighties, my life with music took a radical turn. The combination piano-bass-drums moved permanently into my heart. Jarrett became a reference that has fortunately been challenged many times since.

2023 has been a good trio year heard with Danish ears. For example, there have been two good live albums, Treasures and Tales with recordings from Danish Bill Evans concerts in the 60s.

The year just got an extra boost on the trio scale. Danish Søren Bebe Trio, who have never disappointed, released their sixth album since 2010 – this time on vinyl. Bebe has even taken the opportunity to reissue two older albums, Home and Echoes, on vinyl.

That I mentioned Jarrett and Evans in the introduction is no coincidence. Søren Bebe had sounded different without Jarrett, just as Jarrett had sounded different without Evans. But when that has been said, Søren Bebe is rounded off by much else. His Danish origins, the Nordic tones and classical music.

There is the feeling for the melody, in which Nordic melancholy and beauty are dripped in. There is plenty of time to let it all grow. Time for reflection – nothing is forced here. Kasper Tagel’s bass and the new man in the trio Knut Finsrud are good partners here. They are into Bebe’s music and understand it.

Søren Bebe enriches us with some wonderful melodies. There is Folksy (to Jan), which is an unadulterated tribute to the Nordic region’s greatest ever jazz pianist, Jan Johansson. Or how about Grateful? It frames the feeling and gratitude when I listen to Søren Bebe. I can’t get enough of Bebe’s wonderful music.

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