Vinterjazz 2016

The well-established Danish jazz festival, Vinterjazz, gets bigger every year. Most of Denmark’s jazz-playing venues are now involved in the event which, in 2016, will last for a whole three weeks, running from 5 to 28 February. Søren has been part of the programming and PR team for one of the venues, Metronomen at Frederiksberg […]

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In sound heaven

Søren is now back in Copenhagen from Oslo, where he spent yesterday “in sound heaven” at Rainbow Studio mixing the new Søren Bebe Trio album (due for release later this year) with legendary sound wizard Jan Erik Kongshaug. “This was such a big experience for me that I can’t really find the words to express

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Prague solo concert on German Radio

“Die raffinierte Art und Weise, wie er lyrische Melodik und Blues-Groove miteinander verbindet, wie er spielerische Klarheit und emotionale Dichte auf einen Nenner bringt, dürfte Jazzbegeisterte allerorten erfreuen.”, writes the German radio Deutschlandfunk. The station is transmitting my solo concert from the beautiful St.-Laurentius-Kirche in Prague from November last year on December 8. Go to

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Busy, busy, busy

It’s been a busy couple of months for Søren, and the work-rate shows no sign of tailing off. He’s concentrating right now on two very special projects: recording the next Søren Bebe Trio album, and preparing for the Trio’s ‘showcase’ concert in Hamburg at the end of November. “As well as playing a load of

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Those of you who subscribe to Søren’s monthly newsletter will know that, in the August edition, he asked fans to write in with examples of inspiring music they’d recently heard. “The response has been overwhelming!” reports a delighted Søren. “I’ve now got a huge list of songs that people have been kind enough to send

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Back to work

Now in Copenhagen again after his summer break in a boiling hot Berlin, Søren is back at work. Hard. He’s in the middle of rehearsals with Canadian pianist Sarah Hagen, getting ready for a March 2016 tour of the Vancouver area on the west coast of Canada. What’s the project? “We’re taking turns – one piano,

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