Røst | Drømte mig en drøm

cd version af solren er så rød mor fra pladen drømte mig en drøm af røst

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Using a large degree of improvisation, RØST interprets traditional Danish hymns and folk songs, giving ancient melodies a brand new and mesmerizing sound.

Combining piano, keyboards, and electronica with amazing vocals, RØST creates a soundscape filled with compelling intensity and emotional depth.

“RØST”, which is an ancient Danish word for “voice”, explains:

“We are all brought up with these melodies. They are a strong part of our Danish and Nordic culture. Narrowed down to the basics, they are all about melody and emotion. We like to focus on this, throwing everything else away and then starting all over again! We do a lot of improvisation, which makes every concert a unique, concentrated, and highly emotional experience. We feel like we are making a small contribution to keeping our Danish culture alive.”

Lyrical Guidance – ”drømte mig en drøm”

Jeg gik mig ud en sommerdag: (I Went Out One Summer’s Day)
I walked out into the valleys, to hear the nightingale and the little birds sing, and I let the sound touch my heart deeply.”

Jeg kan se på dine øjne: (I Can Tell by Your Eyes)
“I can tell by your eyes that you are in love with someone else. Please tell me who it is, for I feel burdened by the beauty of you.”

Tit er jeg glad: (I May be Glad, Yet I Feel Like Crying)
“Often I’m glad, yet feel like crying because no one shares my joy. Often I’m sorrowful, yet still I laugh, so no one will see my tears.”

Drømte mig en drøm: (Last Night I had a Dream)
“Last night I had a dream. I wore a pretty dress and went to the ball. There my eyes caught yours, and we danced all night, until the sun rose. In the morning, you were gone.”

Kærlighedstræet: (The Tree of Love, a beautiful tree with white leaves and red flowers)
“There is a beautiful tree by my father´s house. The leaves and flowers are just as beautiful as the handsome and charming young men. There’s a special one who said he would marry me, but he left instead. What is beautiful and shiny on the outside may not be the same on the inside.”

Sensommervise: (Late Summer Ballad)
“When the apples are dark red, and the leaves are turning golden brown, my heart is filled with the breeze of slight sadness because I know the fall is coming soon.”

Venelite: (“Venelite” is a girl`s name)
The Mountain King has captured young woman and is holding her in the mountain to keep him company. When the wind blows, you can hear her sad singing.

Solen er så rød, mor (The Sun is So Red, Mother)
A children’s song in which a child tells her mother: “Why does night time come ? Who do you think lives in the stars ? Listen how the stars sing me to rest.”


“ … The music is altogether beautiful and simple Ditte Rønn-Poulsen’s wordless singing is a contribution to the Nordic duo tradition, represented byt artists such as Sidsel Endresen and Radka Toneff.” (Jazzspecial)

“These two musicians manage to create a universe characterised by sensitivity and strength while simultaneously clearing space for the listener´s own imagery.”
(Signe, pastor at Vor Frue Kirke, Copenhagen)

” Søren Bebe has a piano style that is at once striking and restrained. He is an incredibly insightful, interesting, and skilled pianist…. Ditte Rønn-Poulsen is a deep, interesting and skilled vocalist…
Their melodies are both easy to enter and very engaging.” (GAFFA)

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