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drone For L.R.P., the second track from Søren Bebe Trio’s most recent album, Eva,  has been used as the soundtrack for an enchanting film produced by a Dutch  videographer, who enigmatically goes by the name of ‘The Flying Dutchman’. It  was filmed on the island of Texel in the north of the Netherlands and, as you  can see below, is mostly made up of aerial shots taken from a drone. How did  this delightful video come about?

“The Flying Dutchman is a fan of my music and signed up for the newsletter”  explains Søren. “We exchanged a few friendly emails, and then he suddenly  sent me the footage he’d made, with For L.R.P. playing behind it.”

“I really like his pictures. They look amazing, and I think they work very well with the music. I’m impressed and flattered, too, by The Flying Dutchman’s engagement with my work. I love it when the music motivates fans to do something creative like this.”

And if you’re wondering why The Flying Dutchman is reticent about revealing his name, it’s because filming with drones is a highly sensitive subject, fraught with complicated legal issues. The Flying Dutchman is simply a hobbyist, however, and solemnly assures us that he never breaks any rules…

Posted on March 20, 2015

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