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Searching & From Out Here

A Song For You & EVA

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searching soren bebe trio

Our very first trio album “Searching” which has been said to “showcase a fusion of delicate melodies and dynamic rhythms that transport you to new sonic landscapes

cd version of the album from out here by soren bebe trio

Our follow up album from 2009, “From Out Here,” praised as “a deeply introspective work that explores the depths of emotions through heartfelt improvisations.

digital download of the album a song for you by soren bebe trio

From 2012, this was the album that opened up for some wonderful concert opportunities for us  in both South Korea, Hong Kong and South by Southwest in the US.

From 2013, “Eva” (dedicated to my then newborn first daughter) marked the switch in the band from electric bass to double bass. Recorded at one of NY’s finest studios: Sear Sound.

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