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‘Searching’ & ‘From Out Here’

Searching & From Out Here | MP3 + WAV Download | Special Bundle

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, our digital downloads of “Searching” and “From Out Here” are now available. These albums feature the stunning compositions of pianist Søren Bebe, the rhythmically strong drumming of Anders Mogensen, and the soft and full bass of Niels Ryde.

“Searching” is the debut album from the trio and marked the beginning of their journey in the world of music. “From Out Here” is a quiet and melancholic album with lots of temper and bite, showcasing the interplay and communication between the three musicians.

With the digital download option, you’ll get instant access to these albums, so you can start enjoying the full Søren Bebe Trio experience right away, without breaking the bank. Order now and complete your collection!