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“A Song For You” is the third studio album from the Danish trio, the Søren Bebe Trio. As a pianist and composer, Søren Bebe uses cinematic emotions to describe breath-taking tales in the music, creating a “cobweb of fragile melodies” (Jakob Baekgaard). Influenced by everyone from Scriabin to Radiohead, Bebe’s compositions are sure to captivate you.

“Eva” is the fourth studio album from the internationally acclaimed popular Danish piano trio ‘Soren Bebe Trio’, featuring a collaboration and guest appearance from the great American bass player Marc Johnson. Recorded in New York at Sear Sound Studios by master technician James Farber, the sound is simply as good as it gets. The band has seen an ever-expanding international fan base, playing in countries such as Brazil, USA, Morocco, Poland, South Korea and Hong Kong.

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Reviews & Testimonials

"The album is a slow burner that gradually unfolds in understated grandeur..."

"...a Nordic inspired expression that goes straight to the heart.”

digital download of the album a song for you by soren bebe trio

"Loved it – so sublime and beautiful. Delivery to UK was so fast too! Many thanks!"

"All of Søren Bebe’s music is incredible and beautiful and take you on wonderful journeys. Buy this, buy them all!"